You may think you are a great handyperson and can fix your roof yourself but we know how expensive it can be to repair the mistakes that do it yourself roofers make. The roof of your home is obviously a critically important part of a houses’s structure and it protects your family and your possessions. It can also be a very sizable investment to the family budget. An experience roofer will be able to see subtle signs of wear and tear that as a handyperson you may not spot. Protect yourself and your budget by hiring an experienced shingle roofer to take care of your home’s all-important roof. These are seven reasons to hire a roofer.

#1 Cost

You may think you are saving money doing it yourself but a roofer will not only be able to buy the materials at a much lower price, they also have the correct tools to get the job done. A roofer will come with their own ladders, extensions, specialty hammers and tools and not have to pay hire costs for renting them.

#2 Materials

A roofer knows where to obtain the best quality materials and that may not be at the DIY store. They will understand your roof and make sure they obtain the correct materials for the job. A professional roofer will know which areas have more wear and tear and are more exposed allowing them to create solutions to your roof’s potential issues.

#3 Speed

As a homeowner, you will have plenty of things to keep you busy around the house and you have other things to take care of like your family and your job. A roofer is specially trained and qualified and can carry out the job much quicker than you ever could.  They know all the tricks of the trade; they won’t leave your home exposed to the elements. A professional roofer has the skill and experience to finish your roof, without damaging the structure and the contents and they can do the job quickly and efficiently. The skills and experienced workers to do the job quickly thus protecting your property.

#4 Safety

Roof work can be very dangerous, depending on the height, the pitch of the roof and access to the area. A professional roofer is trained to understand the dangers and put in place all the necessary safety measures. Every summer it is reported on the news that someone has fallen from a roof trying to do his or her own repairs, roofing can be very dangerous for an inexperienced individual.

#5  Warranty

A licensed, insured professional roofer will offer and use a warranty, which is your guarantee that the job will be done properly and safely.

#6 Insurance

Professional roofers will have the right kind of insurance coverage to protect themselves and your property. An accident is far less likely to happen and you are completely protected if it does.

#7 Peace of Mind

You will have the peace of mind knowing that the job was done professionally, correctly and securely without having to worry about the minute details that go into ensuring a safe roof for your property.

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