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Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation Services in Toronto and Richmond Hill

fascia and soffit servicesThe soffit and fascia have two key elements. The first is appearance but more importantly they protect your roof from damage. The fascia runs along the roof line and protects the roof from water damage. The soffit is underneath the overhang of the roof. To protect the roof from moisture the soffit should have vents to allow air circulation to prevent damage to the roof and attic.

What are Fascias and Soffits? And Why are they Important to my Roof

When looking at your home the fascia is the vertical edge at the end of the roof trusses. Fascias add a finished look to the roof line of a home. Eavestroughs or gutters are attached to the fascia. Fascias play a more important part than just appearance for the roof. It protects the wood of the roof and blocks rain and moisture from entering the house,

Soffits help with air ventilation in the attic and home to prevent the buildup of moisture that can cause mold or damage to the home. The soffit fills the space between the siding of the home and the eaves of the roof. Soffits will have some sort of ventilation system either small holes in the wood or vents built into the soffit.

iRoofing Toronto can Provide all of your Fascia and Soffit Needs

The harsh Canadian winters can take a toll on your fascias and soffits as well as your roof. Our company contractors will check the condition of the soffit and fascia when they do an evaluation of your roof. They will advise you if either soffit or fascia is in need of repair or replacement at the same time they advise you on the condition of your roof.

Depending on the condition of the fascia, soffit, and roof the contractor will advise you on the best course of action to protect your roof and home. If your home or roof is only a few years old chances are nothing will need to be done unless they have been damaged during a storm or by falling branches. A newer roof, fascia, and soffit will usually only require a repair to the damage. A roof and fascia that is ten years old or older may need to be replaced depending on its condition. Depending on the quality of materials used a roof usually has a life expectancy of 15 to 30 years. A variety of factors can determine how long the fascia, soffit, and roof will last on your home

If your roof has a leak or if you have a moisture problem in your home our company experts can solve the problem.