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Shingle Roof Repair and Installation Services in Toronto and Richmond Hill

shingle roof servicesThe most popular type of roof is the shingle roof. This material is durable, lightweight, has a pleasing appearance, and is reasonable priced.

Durability is one of the greatest benefits. A shingle roof typically has a lifespan of ten to thirty years and is easy to repair if it is damaged or develops a leak. Shingles weigh less than other types of roofing, so they are perfect for most types of home structures. Shingles come in many different styles and colors. Homeowners can choose a color that accents the color of their home’s exterior and a style that resembles different materials such as slate, tile, or shake. Perhaps the most important for many homeowners is the cost. Shingles are the most cost efficient of all roofing materials.

Why you should have your Shingle Roof Professionally Installed

Replacing a shingle roof is more than just replacing the layer of old shingles. The replacement process begins with removing the old shingles and the underlying layer of felt or a synthetic paper. If the structure of the roof has sustained damage from leaks, that will need to be repaired as well. Homes without proper ventilation can have moisture damage to the roof as well.

The expert roofing contractors at iRoofing Toronto will evaluate the condition of the roof, not only the shingles but the structural integrity of the roof to determine what will need to be replaced. Most newer homes will have proper ventilation and only require the replacement of the underlayment (felt or synthetic), drip edge, ice and water barrier, shingles and ridge cap.

Canadian winters in Toronto take a toll on roofs and it is important to have the condition of your roof evaluated on a yearly basis, our experts can help you keep your roof in great shape for years to come.

 What we do

When we come out to evaluate your roof, our experts will listen to the details of your requirements. Next the condition of the roof will be evaluated as well as if your requirements will work on your roof. Once the evaluation is complete, our expert will discuss the details of the repair or installation of a replacement roof, how long the job will take, and an estimate of the total cost.

If you hire us to repair or replace your shingle roof, we will set a date to begin the job, remove the old roofing layer for a roofing replacement, clean up the old roofing, and get your roof covered to protect it from a rain shower. Once the underlying layer, water barrier, and drip edge is done, our experts will lay the shingles and complete the job.

We know that the weather in Toronto can be hard on roofs, and our team of certified roofers will do the job right the first time. We pride ourselves on being a roofing contractor you can trust. If you have any problems with your new roof or roof repair we will make it right. That is our guarantee to our customers.